Seven Supplement Facts You Should Know

…need time to build up in your system for full effectiveness. This is especially true with key joint and vision nutrients such as glucosamine and lutein. To get optimal results, they must be taken as directed daily. Supplement Fact #6: Few people in the Northern Hemisphere produce sufficient levels…

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5 Ways To Get Younger-Looking Skin

…younger, too? In a three-month placebo-controlled study, those given an antioxidant-rich daily supplement regimen consisting of 3 mg lycopene, 3 mg lutein, 4.8 mg beta-carotene (8,000 IU), 10 mg vitamin E (15 IU) and 75 mcg selenium showed marked improvements in skin density and thickness, plus…

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Natural Treatments for Dry Eyes

…widely recognized antioxidants—vitamins A, C, and E—play a crucial role in vision health. Similarly, carotenoids—particularly lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin—are other powerful free radical scavengers. You can boost your levels of antioxidants and carotenoids by eating…

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