Bring Back a Beautiful Thick Head of Hair Without Harmful Toxins and Side Effects

Curetage Shampoo For Normal or Treated Hair

Item# ZJS14
1 Bottle

Curetage is an all-natural system of shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatments that stimulate the hair follicles and encourage healthy hair growth. It is the only solution for thinning hair that I recommend. It contains vitamins and herbs used for centuries by Asian and Native American cultures to promote healthy hair growth.

This all-natural system is easy to follow, non-oily, chemical-free, and designed to be used with colored, highlighted, and even permed hair. It gives you fuller, thicker hair that you should start seeing within 2-3 weeks!

Five Easy Steps to Fuller, Thicker, More Beautiful Hair:

1. Clean and open your follicles with Cleanser IC:
This soothing shampoo uses eight vitamins and a blend of fifteen plant extracts to gently cleanse your hair and reduce sebum buildup. It neutralizes toxins, increases circulation to your scalp and binds moisture into your hair and scalp. Cleanser IC wipes the slate clean and sets the stage for healthy hair growth, while leaving your hair feeling soft and detangled. Plus it protects color and perms, while reducing dryness and frizz. Use daily for best results. 8 oz bottle.

2. Purify and detoxify your hair and scalp with Purifier II spray:
An all-natural tonic of molasses, malt from barley, freeze-dried kelp, and yeast, this advanced purifier attacks the free radicals that cause thinning hair and dissolves impurities such as chlorine, mineral deposits, and pollutants. It even better prepares your hair to accept color or a perm. Use after shampooing, 2–3 per week for best results. 8 oz spray bottle.

3. Condition and strengthen fine, brittle hair with Conditioner III:
The panthenol and wheat amino acids alone in this conditioner make it indispensible for maintaining moisture. They penetrate each individual strand, carrying rich humectants that leave your hair feeling silky and smooth. On top of that, the entire combination of twenty-three all-natural vitamins, herbs, and plants achieve the perfect pH level of 4.5 to close the hair cuticle for voluminous, more manageable hair. Use daily for best results. 8 oz bottle.

4. Revitalize and add volume to thin hair with Revitalizer IVC spray:
This leave-in treatment makes your hair appear thicker and fuller without coating your hair with heavy, greasy oils. Its botanical vasodilators stimulate circulation in your scalp, allowing for enhanced delivery of hair-building nutrients and oxygen. Use daily as a leave-in treatment. 8 oz spray bottle.

5. Stimulate and rejuvenate your hair with Root Stimulator V:
Last, but not least, comes this incredible invigorator for your hair. A blend of standardized plant extracts cleanse, stimulate, rejuvenate, and open clogged follicles while stimulating the capillaries in your scalp. All of this works to increase much needed blood and nutrients to the roots of your hair. Your scalp becomes the perfectly-balanced environment for hair growth. Use twice daily on thinning areas of scalp as a leave-in treatment for best results. 4 oz bottle.

Altogether, this highly-acclaimed, proven system supports healthy hair follicles to promote healthy growth. It’s safe, natural, chemical-free, and leaves your hair feeling and looking fuller, thicker, and more beautiful. Plus, it not only protects color and curl, but keeps both looking their best longer!