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Cutting down on calories—especially fat calories—is an important step in reaching a healthy weight. But keep in mind that your body adjusts to a lower caloric intake by slowing your metabolism, causing weight loss to taper off.

The best way to avoid this problem is to rev up your metabolism with thermogenic (heat-producing) agents. And the best thermogenic agent is exercise. Of all the requisites for optimal health, none is as neglected as much as exercise.

You probably know that your metabolism shifts into high gear while you are exercising. But did you know that your metabolic rate remains elevated even after you kick off your walking shoes and collapse on the sofa? Studies have shown that regular exercise resets your body’s thermostat for hours after you stop exercising—which is precisely what you want.

Exercise is also the only way of building lean tissue (muscle), which is metabolically more active than fat. Increasing your lean tissue revs up your body’s energy demands and promotes weight loss. Besides its benefits for shedding extra pounds, exercise will enhance virtually every aspect of your health, from cardiovascular strength and immune function to mood and mental activity.

To get the benefits of exercise, you must commit yourself to a minimum of 30 minutes of aerobic activity most days of the week. Plan what, when, and how at the beginning of each week, and keep a log of your activity.

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