Don't Believe Everything You Hear: Nutritional Supplements Are Safe

…multivitamin is linked with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and other conditions and should be taken only by individuals diagnosed with anemia. 2. The calculated overall risk of death was only slightly higher among the women who took daily multivitamins: 40.8% vs 39.8%. 3. The study design…

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Hope for Hepatitis C

…and psychiatric problems, i.e. anxiety, depression, and intense irritability. Ribavirin has serious side effects as well, including hemolytic anemia, which is marked by the destruction of red blood cells and increased risk of heart attack. It has also been linked with headaches, shortness of…

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Benefits of Milk: Fact or Fiction?

…It’s Bad For Children Here are three reasons kids and milk don’t mix. First, drinking too much cow’s milk can lead to iron-deficiency anemia in infants and toddlers. This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages giving children milk before their first birthday. Second,…

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