Bone Density Program

4 Steps to Strong Bones

…osteoporosis-related fracture at some point in their lives. While some loss of bone density is normal with aging, there are also factors that threaten bone health—speeding mineral loss from the bones or impeding bone repair and rebuilding. These include nutritional deficiencies, inadequate…

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6 Everyday Habits That Keep Your Bones Strong

…improves bone mineralization. * Exercise. Studies show that an exercise program can increase bone mass by five to ten percent—even more in those with low bone mass to begin with. No matter what their age, people who engage in regular weight-bearing exercise have higher bone density. The best…

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Use Light Therapy for SAD

…even if it is not seasonal, try it. Supplemental Vitamin D for SAD Treatment Vitamin D is best known for its effects on calcium metabolism and bone density. However, it is active throughout the body, including the brain and the central nervous system, and in clinical trials of patients with SAD,…

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