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Natural Treatments for COPD

…Mucus-Clearing Supplements A common symptom of COPD is increased mucus secretion. In healthy people, mucus is constantly being produced but is cleared from the lungs by the action of tiny hair-like cilia that line the airways. The cilia beat rhythmically, creating vibrations that liquefy and move…

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Tips to Banish Bad Breath

…that will help you banish bad breath. Tip #1 to Banish Bad Breath: Maintain Scrupulous Oral Hygiene It should go without saying that daily brushing and flossing along with regular professional cleanings and dental check-ups go a long way toward preventing bad breath. These measures reduce the…

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Diabesity Challenge Tip: Meditate Your Stress Away

…Everybody can do it. A single word or sound, called a mantra, is simply repeated over and over in your mind. This focus on repetition enables you to clear your mind of distractions. In the process, you go from a state of hyperalertness to alertness, and then to a state of consciousness in between…

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Natural Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation

…started her on the beta-blocker Betapace, observed her for two days, and sent Fran home. Two days after release, Fran was a mess. She had trouble breathing and a crushing migraine headache. She contacted her cardiologist, who told her that her problems were not caused by the drug and to call another…

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