Take My Diabesity Challenge!

…sweeteners are okay). * Continue taking all of your medications as prescribed by your doctor. * Take 5 g of glycine mixed in water and 4 capsules of Brindall Trim prior to exercise (optional). * Build up to at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (brisk walking, stair-climbing, slow jogging…

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The Benefits of HCA Supplements

…supplement a day, prior to your morning exercise. HCA can be found in health-food stores, online or as part of a combination formula, such as Brindall Trim. I hope this information helps you as you continue your weight-loss journey. Have another great week and keep up with the program … it really…

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Just Say No to Diet Drugs

…bullet, try improving your diet and exercising more. You should also focus on supplements that help curb appetite and burn fat such as glycine, Brindall Trim, and Metabolic Essentials. I’ll talk more about these supplements in a future blog. You should also consider participating in my Diabesity Challenge…

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