4 Steps to Strong Bones

…isoflavones 100–200 mg, and strontium citrate 680 mg, in divided doses on an empty stomach at least two hours before or after eating or taking calcium supplements. * Eat more plant foods. Scores of independent studies have found inverse relationships between vegetable and fruit intake and risk of osteoporosis…

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The Calcium Conundrum

I often get questions about what form of calcium to buy. When it comes to calcium supplements, for most people, calcium carbonate—the most popular and inexpensive kind—will work just fine. Most of the studies on calcium have been on calcium carbonate and they reveal that it is as bioavailable (easily…

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Do You Really Need That Antibiotic? Probably Not

…absorption of antibiotics. After taking antibiotics, wait at least two hours before drinking milk or calcium-fortified orange juice or using calcium supplements. You can also bolster your immune system—before, during, or after the onset of colds, flu, or other infections—by taking a potent multivitamin…

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