IV Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells

…mitochondria of cancer cells, shuts down their energy supply, and kills them outright. Best of all—and unlike virtually all conventional chemotherapy drugs that destroy cancer cells—it is selectively toxic. No matter how high the concentration, vitamin C does not harm healthy cells. Lab…

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Benefits of Pycnogenol

…during, and after long flights reduces risk of deep vein thrombosis. Another study discovered that cancer patients who took Pycnogenol during chemotherapy or radiation had less vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and other side effects. Now it’s your turn: Have you ever taken Pycnogenol? You May…

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4 Benefits of CoQ10: Beyond Heart Health

…antihistamines, and diuretics, are linked with chronic dry mouth. Sjögren’s syndrome, nerve damage to the head and neck, and chemotherapy drugs and radiation may also contribute to the problem. One study found that CoQ10 supplements can be a simple and effective solution for…

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