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Diabetes Complication #1: Heart Disease

…cellular debris, which can restrict blood flow and impair circulation. If the blood flow through these arteries is severely restricted, angina (chest pain caused by insufficient oxygen to the heart muscle) may result. And if a blood clot lodges in a narrowed artery, a heart attack or stroke may occur…

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The Myriad Health Benefits of Vinegar

…whiskey shot glass of vinegar with molasses and grapefruit juice and downed it twice a day. Though he was pursuing several other therapies for his chest pain at the same time, Bob feels that the vinegar had a decided effect. Please note that John and Bob weren’t drinking straight vinegar. It’s far…

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Bountiful Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

You likely know that hospitals routinely use oxygen. If you go to the emergency room with any kind of chest pain or trauma, you’re given oxygen by mask. This increases the oxygen you breathe from 21 to 28 percent. But if you’re looking to deliver massive doses of oxygen to your entire body—even…

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