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Health Benefits of Chewing Gum

…benefits of chewing gum keep popping up. Chewing gum has been shown to improve performance on memory tests and even help with weight loss—burning about 12 calories per hour. (Besides, if you have gum in your mouth, you won’t be eating.) Health Benefits of Chewing Gum The benefits of chewing gum after meals…

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Cut Down Your Sugar Intake for Optimal Health

…side-by-side comparison of the two.) Stevia Xylitol Available Preparations Powder and liquid extracts Crystals; also available in products such as chewing gum and mints Uses Great for cooking and baking, and as a general sweetener ( i.e., for coffee or tea) Ideal for baking, but it can also be used in other…

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Healing Tips From Dr. Whitaker

…Healing Tip: Prunes for Reversing Bone Loss General Health * Healing Tip: Acupuncture Alleviates Migraines and Tension Headaches * Healing Tip: Chewing Gum for Health * Healing Tip: Coffee and Tea for Antioxidant Support * Healing Tip: Gardening for Improved Hand Strength and Sense of Well-Being * Healing…

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