Congestive Heart Disease

The Lowdown on Statin Drugs

…of heart disease. The researchers obtained blood levels of CoQ10 and echocardiograms of the patients’ hearts, and then started them on Lipitor, 20 mg per day for three to six months. Guess what? Seventy-one percent of them developed diastolic dysfunction (a potential cause of congestive heart

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Heal Your Body With Thermotherapy

…plagued her for five years. Benefits of Thermotherapy: Help for Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer Thermotherapy is also a promising treatment for serious diseases. Heating the entire body and raising the core temperature increases heart rate, cardiac output (the amount of blood being pumped), and…

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Snoring: Mere Nuisance or Real Health Problem?

…factor for coronary artery disease and stroke. These conditions are associated with increased levels of oxidative stress, C-reactive protein, and clotting factors, and all of these are elevated in people with sleep apnea. Cardiac arrhythmias and congestive heart failure are also much more common…

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