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The Causes of Chronic Cough

…the most obvious causes in chronic cough. But you’d be surprised at how often these conditions are overlooked when symptoms are as “mild” as a persistent cough. Most of these coughs respond to appropriate treatment. * Control GERD, eliminate coughing. Coughing isn’t always initiated in the respiratory…

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Try ‘Natural Nyquil’ This Cold and Flu Season

…bark. This traditional Native American remedy for cough and colds was widely used in over-the-counter cough syrups until the 1940s. Nowadays, you can find standardized extracts in natural products designed to treat respiratory congestion and cough. While these therapies help alleviate symptoms and boost…

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Sea Buckthorn for Healthy Aging and Overall Well-Being

…have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than a thousand years. Some of the traditional uses of sea buckthorn include treatment for cough, asthma and other lung disorders, skin diseases, stomach ulcers and other digestive issues, and hypertension and circulatory disorders. While these…

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Hope for Hepatitis C

…marked by the destruction of red blood cells and increased risk of heart attack. It has also been linked with headaches, shortness of breath, and cough. Side effects notwithstanding, interferon isn’t all that effective over the long term. The main goal of treating hepatitis C is to retard the progression…

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