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Help Save a Child’s Life

…That’s why I recently joined a special social media campaign being sponsored by the manufacturers of EpiCor, an ingredient in my Rapid Immune Daily supplement. I’m hoping you will participate as well. Every “like” or “share” of the Facebook campaign app will give one child life-saving vitamins…

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Seven Supplement Facts You Should Know

…is especially true with key joint and vision nutrients such as glucosamine and lutein. To get optimal results, they must be taken as directed daily. Supplement Fact #6: Few people in the Northern Hemisphere produce sufficient levels of vitamin D naturally during the winter months and your entire body…

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The Real Secret for Eliminating Acne

…fruits, and nuts, along with plenty of protein from fish, poultry, and lean beef. Also include 2–4 g of fish oil and 25–50 mg of zinc in your daily supplement program. Now it’s your turn: Have you suffered with adult acne? You May Also Be Interested In: * 5 Wrinkle-Reducing Secrets the Beauty Industry…

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5 Ways To Get Younger-Looking Skin

…your health, but did you know they can help you look younger, too? In a three-month placebo-controlled study, those given an antioxidant-rich daily supplement regimen consisting of 3 mg lycopene, 3 mg lutein, 4.8 mg beta-carotene (8,000 IU), 10 mg vitamin E (15 IU) and 75 mcg selenium showed marked improvements…

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