Inflammation and Heart Disease

…reductions. You also need to get serious about your oral health. Plaque that builds up in your gum line and plaque in your arteries are connected. Dental plaque causes gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), and as it progresses, your mouth becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that pass into the blood…

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10 Reasons to Incorporate Green Tea Into Your Daily Routine

…extracts of green tea can prevent the growth of many bacteria that cause diarrhea. Green tea has also been shown to inhibit bacteria associated with dental cavities. Now it’s your turn: Do you drink green tea? You May Also Be Interested In: * Going Beyond Water to Stay Hydrated & Healthy * 4 Comfort…

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Manage Blood Sugar With Two Sweeteners

…and tastes like sugar, making it ideal for baking. Better yet, it’s good for your teeth: Xylitol actually reduces cavity and plaque formation, a dental claim approved by the FDA. Although xylitol is not calorie-free, it is metabolized much more slowly than regular sugar and is extremely low on the…

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