5 Spring Health Tips

…(and have even recommended it in the past), I now believe a better approach is to include detox support in your daily regimen year-round. Why? Every second of every day, your body’s internal detox mechanisms are blocking, filtering, neutralizing, and excreting hazardous chemicals and…

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Help for Gallstones

…in the gastrointestinal tract by the combination of these two ingredients plus minerals. While he doesn’t discount it as a means of liver detox, he does not recommend it for people with gallstones because drinking such a large amount of oil (a cup a day for several days) could actually…

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Tips to Banish Bad Breath

…oral health and freshening the breath by “pulling out” bacteria and plaque, oil pulling is purported to clear out sinus passages, help detox the body, and protect against all kinds of ills. I can’t personally vouch for all of these health benefits, but oil pulling does leave your…

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