What’s Your Biological Age?

…include muscular strength, exercise tolerance, vision and hearing, blood pressure, vital capacity (lung function), heart size and laboratory tests of DHEA, glucose, lipids and creatinine clearance (kidney function). There are also some do-it-yourself tests to determine your biological age. Now it’s your…

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Diabesity Challenge Tip: Stress Less, Stay Healthy

…Lock-In,” then asked them to practice it for four weeks. At the study’s conclusion, participant’s cortisol levels fell by 23 percent and their DHEA levels increased by 100 percent. They also experienced a significant increase in feelings of caring, vigor, and “warm-heartedness” and a decrease…

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4 Steps to Strong Bones

…Finally, osteoporosis is associated with the age-related decline of hormones that occurs in both men and women. These hormones, which include estrogen, DHEA and testosterone, monitor the constant breakdown of old bone cells and building up of new ones. When the two processes are in balance, bone density…

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