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Treating Diabetes-Related Heart Disease Naturally

…have heart problems as a result of your diabetes, I urge you to immediately take the following steps: * Stop smoking * Eat a low-glycemic, diabetes-friendly diet * Exercise regularly (Not only does walking lower glucose levels, it also gives your heart the workout it needs to stay in shape. Be sure to…

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…Whitaker Discusses Diabetes and Weight Loss Dr. Whitaker: Arthritis and Glucosamine Dr. Whitaker: Natural Approaches to Diabetes Dr. Whitaker: Diabetes Diet and Weight Loss Video Archive vid goes here Dr. Whitaker Dicusses Diabetes and Weight Loss vid goes here Dr. Whitaker Dicusses Diabetes and Weight…

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Avoid Foods High in Saturated and Trans Fats

…because of the high levels of salt, fat and calories in much restaurant food, it’s best to avoid it altogether. More Dr. Whitaker Advice on Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plans * How to plan a diabetic diet * The importance of fiber in the diabetic diet * Sugars and starches: What’s allowed on a diabetic diet *…

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