5 Interesting Facts About Diabetes

Interesting Fact About Diabetes #1 In the Diabetes Prevention Program, a large prevention study of people with diabetes risk factors, changes in lifestyle reduced the likelihood of participants developing diabetes by 58 percent over three years. And for participants who were aged 60 years or older, the…

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The Pill That Will Help You Prevent Diabetes

…primarily attributed the protective properties of vitamin D in preventing diabetes to its anti-inflammatory effects. Beyond Preventing Diabetes But diabetes prevention isn’t the only benefit of this vital nutrient. Vitamin D performs a host of crucial roles. It is necessary for calcium absorption and utilization…

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Benefits of Fiber: Protection Against Heart Disease, Diabetes, & More

…prevents dramatic spikes and sudden drops in blood sugar levels that leave you feeling sluggish and hungry. The benefits of fiber also extend to diabetes prevention. In two large studies including nearly 100,000 women, those who consumed the most fiber-rich foods experienced a 21 to 28 percent decrease in…

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