Diabetic Foot

A Diabetes Success Story

R.B., a type 2 diabetic, had been on insulin for 16 years. She had retinopathy, angina, high blood pressure, a history of two heart attacks, and an open ulcer on her foot that refused to heal. But the most debilitating of her problems was neuropathy. Nerve damage left her with virtually no sensation…

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10 Signs of Hidden Health Problems

…vitamin A. To relieve dry or cracked skin on your feet, some of my patients have had good success with an aloe vera–based cream called Miracle Foot Repair. It is available in drugstores. Sign #2 of Hidden Health Problems: Yellowing Skin Yellowing skin is most likely jaundice and signals a…

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5 Ways to Prevent Falls

…including low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Severe symptoms are virtually always associated with diabetes drugs, which can drive blood sugar too low. But hypoglycemia can affect people without diabetes, too. Here’s how to keep your blood sugar on an even keel. 4. Check your blood pressure.…

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