Drug Grapefruit Interaction

Be Aware of Grapefruit-Drug Interactions

…found that grapefruit interactions are fairly common (85 drugs have been identified so far). That said, research on grapefruit interactions is far from complete. If you’re unsure about any drugs you’re taking, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. * If your drug is on the interaction list,…

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Herb-Drug Interactions: Why Most Fears Are Poorly Founded

…standards for herb-drug interaction testing.” Herb-Drug Interactions Are Far Less Common Than Other Drug Interactions Folks, this is great news. It also reinforces what I have been saying for years: Although you do need to be mindful of potential herb-drug interactions, they occur much less…

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Is Juice Healthy?

…other drugs along with grapefruit juice. Compounds in this fruit inhibit the activity of enzymes involved in the absorption and metabolism of certain medications, resulting in higher, potentially dangerous drug concentrations in the blood. But what about supplements? Could grapefruit juice actually…

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