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5 Vision Health Facts You Should Know

…certain medications including antihistamines and decongestants, and simply aging can make us more susceptible to dry eyes. While there are many eye drop products designed to treat dry eyes, the one I use and recommend is Visual Ocuity. It not only keeps eyes moist and relieves dryness but also helps to…

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Heal Your Body With Thermotherapy

…Full-body thermotherapy that works up a sweat mobilizes toxins and facilitates their removal via the skin. Warm compresses relieve muscle aches and dry eyes and help clear up sties, pimples, and minor skin infections. And there‚Äôs nothing like a hot, relaxing bath to relieve stress and promote sleep.…

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The Benefits of Krill Oil Supplements Over Fish Oil

…healthy brain function and skin. Plus, studies show krill oil supplements may even support lung health and natural tear production in people with dry eyes. Recommended Krill Oil Supplements Dosage How much krill oil should you take? I recommend 300-1,000 mg of krill oil a day. You can find krill oil…

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