Four Medical Tests That Can Save Your Life

…information about heart function. The best, least invasive medical tests that can provide this information are the exercise stress test and the echocardiogram. 4. Bone Density: Although I don’t recommend bone mineral density screening for everybody, this is one of the medical tests that…

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The Lowdown on Statin Drugs

…colleagues investigated patients who had high cholesterol but were free of heart disease. The researchers obtained blood levels of CoQ10 and echocardiograms of the patients’ hearts, and then started them on Lipitor, 20 mg per day for three to six months. Guess what? Seventy-one percent of them…

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Should You Have an Angiogram?

…came in, of their own accord, for a second opinion. Using information obtained from noninvasive tests such as the exercise stress test and echocardiogram, Dr. Graboys and his colleagues determined that only six of the 168 actually needed to have angiography. Another 28 patients were recommended…

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