Diabetes Treatment: EDTA Chelation

Ethylene diamine tetracidic acid (EDTA) chelation is an FDA-approved intravenous therapy that removes toxic heavy metals from the blood, improves circulation, and restores arterial health. Chelation is often used to treat patients with early kidney disease because, even at low levels, lead has been…

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Sugar Dressings for Diabetic Ulcers

…including a therapeutic diet and targeted nutritional supplement program (he was obviously unable to exercise). He also underwent a course of EDTA chelation. In addition, we treated his infected diabetic ulcer—which was so far gone the skin was almost black—with sugar dressings.…

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How to Boost Circulation

…we utilize two therapies to boost circulation: EDTA chelation and EECP. Though best known for removing lead and other toxic heavy metals, a course of intravenous (IV) EDTA chelation is an extremely effective way to improve circulation. EDTA is a synthetic amino acid that forms a tight chemical…

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