Excessive Sweating

Health Risks of Antiperspirants: Fact or Fiction?

…Antiperspirants plug the pores that release sweat. Deodorants simply inhibit bacteria that produce body odor as they break down sweat. Both products may also contain fragrances to mask odor. Sweating is a natural process; clogging pores is not. If excessive perspiration is a real problem, nothing is…

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Spring Cleaning for Your Body

…primary “detoxification antioxidant.” It’s also important to get 800 IU of vitamin E, which supports detoxification. * Sweat it out. Sweating mobilizes and excretes stored toxins, so be sure to get regular, vigorous exercise. Sitting in a sauna for at least 15 minutes several times…

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Fresh, Canned, or Frozen Vegetables and Fruits—What’s Best?

…downside to canned vegetables is that the preserving process can leach out some nutrients, texture is affected which is off-putting to some, and excess sodium is usually added. You can reduce the salt content a little by thoroughly draining and rinsing canned vegetables with water in a colander or…

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