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Take My Diabesity Challenge!

…Pick a date (prior to October 31) and commit to following my mini-fast with exercise protocol for a full 12 weeks. I also recommend a handful of fat-burning and appetite-curbing nutritional supplements; however, they are an adjunct to the program, not a requirement. Here’s what a typical day of the…

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Are Environmental Toxins Increasing Your Belly Fat?

…abdominal obesity. My experience, however, has been that a low-carbohydrate diet works best when insulin resistance is an issue. It puts your body in a fat-burning mode and helps control appetite by cutting down on blood sugar swings that cause food cravings. * Get more sleep. People who get inadequate sleep…

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Burning Energy and Losing Weight

…-carbohydrate weight loss diet popularized by Dr. Atkins works for so many people. By not replenishing carbohydrate stores, the body stays in the fat-burning mode. It also works because it reduces insulin production. Insulin is a storage hormone. It not only lets glucose into the cells, but it also helps…

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Weight Loss Tip: It's All About Fiber

…for calorie-laden foods may be exceeded only by our susceptibility to fad diets that promise quick weight loss. Folks, these diets and magical fat-burning foods are not solutions to our epidemic of obesity. If you want to achieve and maintain your ideal weight, one of the most important things you can…

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