Fish Oil And Prostate Cancer

The Truth about Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer

fish oil and prostate cancer risk. They tend to show that fish consumption reduces prostate cancer risk, and they quite clearly indicate that frequent fish consumption reduces risk for prostate cancer mortality. * The only study that has attempted to correlate use of fish oil and prostate cancer

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Tips for Preventing Cancer

…there was a 34 percent reduction in cancer mortality. Earlier research has shown aspirin’s protective effects in colorectal cancer. This study, however, demonstrated that it also decreased death from cancer of the pancreas, brain, stomach and prostate as well as adenocarcinomas of the…

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Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death

…individuals without recognized heart disease, modest consumption of fish or fish oil…should be among the first-line treatments for prevention….” I recommend taking a minimum of 2–4 g of high-quality fish oil per day. People with heart disease and other cardiovascular…

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