Flu Vaccine

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Flu Vaccines Are Even Less Effective Than Previously Thought

flu vaccines protect only about 59 percent of the population. Everyone else is operating under a false sense of protection. Folks, this is something I’ve been saying for years—getting a flu shot is no guarantee you won’t get the flu. Plus the flu vaccine doesn’t even reduce the number of flu-…

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Do Vaccines Cause Autism in Children?

…the number of vaccinations forced upon our children has virtually exploded, and for what reason? Are measles, mumps, chicken pox or flu really that dangerous? In my opinion, irrevocable harm or death caused by the vaccinations for children is far worse than the diseases we vaccinate against. Folks,…

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Effectiveness of Flu Vaccines Questioned

…of flu vaccines: The flu strains this year’s vaccine protects against aren’t the same ones that are making people sick. As a result, the same number of vaccinated and unvaccinated people are showing up in doctor’s offices with confirmed cases, which is casting serious doubt on flu vaccine efficacy…

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