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GABA: A Natural Anxiety Treatment

Before we know it, the holiday season will be upon us. While most of us look forward to reconnecting with friends and loved ones—or even the excitement in the air from holiday music and specials—it’s also a time of year when stress piles up and the search for natural anxiety treatment begins.…

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Healthy Travel Tips

With my speaking schedule, conferences, and meetings I attend gathering research, I've been on more planes than I'd care to count. Over the years, I’ve gathered some "insider" healthy travel tips that make flying easier. My Seven Healthy Travel Tips * Buy water at the airport—or bring and empty…

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10 Easy Prevention Tips That Can Keep You Healthy

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies would like you to believe that shelling out your hard-earned cash for their services and solutions is the best way to stay healthy. But when it comes right down to it, it’s the little changes you make in your daily life that have the real power to keep you…

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How to Overcome Stress

With our economy in such a volatile state, it’s no wonder our collective stress levels are through the roof. Anxiety is running rampant—and for obvious reasons. You can’t open the newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing bad news. While we can’t control the stock market, we can limit the…

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