Glaucoma Supplement

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Natural Treatment for Glaucoma

…local and systemic side effects. Fortunately, there is other help. Natural Treatment for Glaucoma * Vitamin C supplementation is safer and far more effective than traditional drug treatment for glaucoma. At 1,500 mg daily, using this vitamin has led to almost-normal eye pressure levels. In an…

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Are You Protecting Your Vision?

…vitamins A, C, and E, beta-carotene and other carotenoids, and zinc protect the eyes from light-induced free-radical damage. 5. Do you take supplements containing bilberry, Ginkgo biloba, taurine, and other nutrients that target the eyes? Scores of studies demonstrate the protective effects of…

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Benefits of Pycnogenol

…retinopathy. Another study found this supplement can even halt progression of vision loss in people with diabetic retinopathy. Mirtogenol was also studied in people with slightly elevated intraocular pressures—the hallmark risk factor for glaucoma. In both studies, it was effective at…

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6 Ways to Prevent Loss of Vision

Nearly 30 million Americans have cataracts, glaucoma, retinopathy and/or macular degeneration, all of which can lead to permanent loss of vision. Although these conditions crop up with increasing frequency as we age, they are by no means normal or inevitable. You can, in fact, preserve your vision…

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