Glycemic Load

Glycemic Index vs. Glycemic Load

…and satisfy your hunger over the long haul. Another way to determine how a food may affect your blood sugar is by looking at its glycemic load (GL). Glycemic load is based on the same concept as the GI, but it takes into account the quality and quantity of a food. It’s determined by the…

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Wondrous Watermelon: Why This Summertime Favorite Is a Health Boon

…regulate blood pressure, supports healthy circulation, and even boosts male sexual function. * Although watermelon contains sugar, it has a low glycemic load. That means it doesn’t cause rapid spikes in blood sugar levels. In fact, some preliminary animal studies suggest that watermelon juice…

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Four Simple Steps to Improve Cognitive Function

…omega-3–rich fish that dampen inflammation. * Eliminate starches and sweets, and eat more beans, legumes, and other low-glycemic carbohydrates. * Load up on protective nutrients by eating plenty of vegetables and a little fruit. If you’re looking for a food plan to follow, make it the…

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