Gout Remedies

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10 Natural Home Remedies That Cost Just Pennies

…Home Remedy #6 A strong cup of regular coffee can stop a headache in its tracks and ease symptoms of asthma. Natural Home Remedy #7 If you suffer from arthritis or gout, eat cherries. Just 20 tart cherries have an anti-inflammatory effect equal to one or two aspirin tablets. Natural Home Remedy #8…

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5 Secrets to Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

…salmon, are particularly important for lowering cholesterol. * Reduce harmful LDL cholesterol with niacin (vitamin B3). Niacin is the best single remedy for lowering LDL cholesterol levels while raising levels of protective HDL cholesterol. Even conventional doctors recommend it. Start with 500 mg…

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10 Signs of Hidden Health Problems

…Mouth Syndrome A burning sensation over your tongue, lips, or entire mouth (called burning mouth syndrome), may be caused by something as easily remedied as brushing your teeth/tongue too hard, using harsh mouthwash, or wearing irritating dentures. However, it also may be a sign of an iron, zinc, or…

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