Hbot For Stroke

HBOT Revisited: Fighting for Your Rights as a Healthcare Consumer

…oxygen therapy (HBOT)—specifically, how it can help a wide range of injuries and conditions from burns, psoriasis, and stroke to brain trauma and heart issues—and I got quite a story in return. Sharmyn B. wrote to tell me how her daughter’s entire life was dramatically improved by HBOT. Yet, since…

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Natural Treatment for Stroke Patients

…Whitaker Wellness, HBOT therapy is our go-to treatment for stroke rehab, and our patients routinely experience positive results. One of them is Billie M., a charming and gracious woman from Alabama. Billie’s Treatment for Stroke Rehab In 2008, Billie suffered multiple small strokes that temporarily robbed…

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Preventing Heart Disease With Aspirin

…whether they “Liked or Disliked” aspirin for heart protection. My previous “Like or Dislike” topics included hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), Sudoku , and saunas, all of which received an overall “like” reception. However the reception for my most recent “Like or Dislike” on aspirin…

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