Heal Wounds With Sugar

Heal Diabetic Ulcers With Sugar

…of open wound or burn. (We use sugar at the clinic because it’s less messy.) It will not work on abscesses or pustules that are covered with skin. Also, do not use these dressings on a bleeding wound, as sugar promotes bleeding. (Sugar and honey are perfectly safe to use on diabetic wounds

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Sugar Dressings for Diabetic Ulcers

…on a bleeding wound, as sugar promotes bleeding. Sugar Dressing Protocol * Unravel a 4” x 4” piece of gauze into a long strip and coat it with Vaseline. Place it around the outside edges of the wound, like a donut. * Cover the wound with ¼-inch of sugar. (The Vaseline…

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Tips for Treating Bedsores

…him, “In the old days, we used to put sugar on them wounds.” Although he was dubious, he gave it a try. To his surprise, it worked like a charm. Within a couple of days the wound was free of pus, and with continued use of sugar dressings, healing was complete. Dr. Knutson, a meticulous…

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