Heart Blockage

Should You Have an Angiogram?

…determines the location and severity of blockages in the coronary arteries. Angiograms Are Far From Precise Angiograms are widely assumed—by both patients and physicians—to be a very accurate method of assessing the degree of blockage in the heart arteries. In truth, angiograms are far…

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How NOT to Prevent a Stroke

…EDTA infusions, there was a 20 percent average decrease in carotid artery blockages. One of our patients who came in with an 80 percent blockage was treated with diet, exercise, supplements, and chelation, and her blockage regressed to 40 percent on repeat testing! The Bottom Line If you or a loved…

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Snoring: Mere Nuisance or Real Health Problem?

…“no breath,” and obstructive sleep apnea is the periodic cessation of breathing while asleep. It is caused by a partial or complete blockage of the airway by the tissues in the back of the throat. Oxygen levels in the blood drop and carbon dioxide rises, waking you up just enough to…

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