Steps to Stave Off Sarcopenia

…substantially boost muscle-building (look for one containing 20-plus grams of protein). Another excellent way to prevent and reverse muscle loss is hormone replacement therapy. Human growth hormone (HGH) promotes muscle growth in both men and women, and testosterone replacement has similar effects in men. Lastly…

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4 Steps to Strong Bones

…protective foods for strong bones are isoflavone-dense soy and vitamin K–rich, nitric oxide–boosting leafy greens. * Consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Finally, osteoporosis is associated with the age-related decline of hormones that occurs in both men and women. These hormones, which include…

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Medical Radiation Increases Cancer Risk Factors

…all the environmental breast cancer risk factors and came up with two proven culprits. Known Breast Cancer Risk Factors * Conventional hormone replacement therapy with conjugated estrogen and progestin (not bioidentical hormones). * Exposure to ionizing (including medical) radiation—especially CT…

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