Hyperbaric Oxygen For Stroke

Natural Treatment for Stroke Patients

…years ago—you owe it to yourself to seek treatment for stroke with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Now it’s your turn: Have you ever experienced hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits? You May Also Be Interested in * Four Ways to Prevent a Stroke * The Nutrient Big Pharma Wishes It Could Patent

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Preventing Heart Disease With Aspirin

…“Liked or Disliked” aspirin for heart protection. My previous “Like or Dislike” topics included hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), Sudoku , and saunas, all of which received an overall “like” reception. However the reception for my most recent “Like or…

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Reap the Benefits of Glutathione

…always used in conjunction with hyperbaric oxygen and other therapies, but we’ve seen remarkable improvements, particularly in patients who’d been told that nothing else could be done. For example, C.G., who’d had Parkinson’s disease for more than a decade, had a pronounced…

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