Immune Booster

Enhance Cognitive Abilities With Green Vegetables

immune boosters. Specifically, they contain a chemical signal that ensures that the immune cells in the skin and gut are functioning properly. In fact, the study found that when healthy mice were fed a “vegetable-poor” diet for several weeks, 70 to 80 percent of these protective immune

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Hope for Hepatitis C

…Here’s why. Marginally Effective Drugs Conventional treatment for hepatitis C usually involves two drugs: injections of interferon, an immune booster, and ribavirin, an oral antiviral. This duo makes for a rough treatment course. Interferon causes substantial problems that include, but are not…

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Little-Known Uses for Lemons

…ease the pain and inflammation of a sore throat, and its antimicrobial compounds help knock out germs. Furthermore, lemon juice is a great immune booster because of the robust levels of vitamin C it contains. An additional health benefit of lemons is that their high citric acid content inhibits…

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