Kidney Infection

The Many Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

…that coconut oil will help you lose weight. As for its ability to improve thyroid function, protect against osteoporosis and cancer, dissolve kidney stones, relieve symptoms of peptic ulcers, colitis, gallbladder disease, and more, all I can say is that I can find no scientific data to justify…

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Let's Talk About Type 1 Diabetes

…untreated individuals with type 1 diabetes are extremely thirsty, drink copious amounts of fluids, and urinate excessively. This is because the kidneys, in an attempt to keep things in balance, excrete as much excess glucose via the urine as they possibly can. People with type 1 diabetes are often…

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How to Boost Circulation

…water, and oxygen to every part of your body. It takes antibodies and other immune cells to areas of infection, carries heat from inner organs out to the skin, and transports waste products to the kidneys for elimination from the body. When your circulation is impaired, all of these functions may be…

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