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Eradicate Pain With High-Intensity Laser Therapy

…Half Dome. High-Intensity Laser Therapy to Alleviate Pain How can a man in his late 60’s do all this? He eats a good diet, maintains his optimal weight, takes nutritional supplements, and when he has flare-ups of knee pain, comes to the clinic for laser therapy. As you can imagine,…

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Natural Treatments for Osteoarthritis

…for osteoarthritis I recommend and utilize at the clinic include chiropractic, microcurrent, prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma and high-intensity laser, to name a few. Time and again I’ve seen weight loss, therapeutic exercise, nutritional supplements and the right combination of office-based…

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Say Goodbye to Sciatica

…to their proper alignment. We also offer a therapy at Whitaker Wellness called high-intensity laser that can help ease the symptoms of sciatica. The most powerful pain-relieving medical laser available, it penetrates deep into the tissues to reduce swelling, increase circulation, and stimulate…

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Tips for Treating Plantar Fasciitis

…running stores and online. 4. Light Your Way to Pain Relief If the solutions above don’t do the trick, you may want to consider high-intensity laser treatments. This unique therapy delivers powerful, healing wavelengths of intense light to damaged tissues and quickly improves plantar fasciitis…

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