Laugh Your Way to Less Stress and Better Health

…Month was to spread the message that laughter is extremely powerful medicine. I couldn’t agree more. Positive emotions put us in a better frame of both mind and body. Studies have shown that laughter is a very effective antidote for chronic stress and pain. Laughter also inhibits the body's production…

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Diabesity Challenge Tip: Stress Less, Stay Healthy

…cultivate your sense of humor. Researchers at Loma Linda University have conducted a number of studies showing that laughter lowers cortisol levels. It’s true what they say: Laughter is the best medicine. In addition to reducing stress, it increases circulation, reduces muscular tension, and just plain…

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How to Guarantee A Happy New Year

…called psychoneuroimmunology has been created to study the effects of your thoughts and emotions on immunity, and the findings are compelling. From laughter to tears, from friendship to romantic love, your emotions and attitudes all have a bearing on promoting good health. Optimism is a skill, one we can…

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