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Achieve a Healthy Weight With Irvingia gabonensis

…affects two hormones that are intimately involved in weight control. Leptin is the “hunger hormone” that signals satiety and the breakdown of stored fat. You’d expect thin people to have robust levels of leptin, and they do. But, surprisingly, levels in obese people are often sky…

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Safe and Effective Weight Loss Supplements

…compared to a mean 10-pound loss among those in the placebo group. They also had significant reductions in cholesterol, triglycerides, leptin, cortisol, and, for the men, waist circumference. The supplement used in the study was a standardized green tea extract bound to phosphatidylcholine…

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Diabetes and Obesity

…secrete hormones—so many, in fact, that some experts actually refer to adipose tissue as an endocrine organ. One of these hormones is leptin. Although leptin is best known for its governing effects on appetite and energy metabolism, researchers from Boston’s Joslin Diabetes Center have…

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The Reciprocal Relationship Between Blood Sugar and Sleep

…a 23 percent greater risk. There is solid evidence that sleep is a powerful regulator of appetite. During sleep, the body’s production of leptin, an appetite-suppressing hormone, increases, and levels of grehlin, an appetite-stimulating hormone, decreases. Researchers at the University of…

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To Avoid Diabetes, Get More Zzzz’s

…population—not just teens. Finally, when you consider the mounting evidence which shows a lack of sleep decreases levels of the satiety chemical leptin, which leads to overeating and obesity, it makes good sense to add sleep to the list of ways to prevent diabetes. So, how can both adults and…

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