Low Dose Dilantin

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ADHD Treatments That Really Work

…. Treating ADHD With Dilantin Dilantin is a prescription drug commonly used for seizure disorders. When taken in smaller doses, however, it calms down the “static” that gives rise to brooding thoughts, poor attention, irritability, anger outbursts, and dysphoria. A low dose of this miraculous drug…

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Can't Sleep? Try These Natural Remedies

…drug-free approaches help, I suggest you talk to your doctor about the prescription medication Dilantin. In these stressful times, ruminating, busy minds underlie many a restless night. Low doses of Dilantin, a drug used primarily for seizure disorders, tone down the static and help banish the worrisome…

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Treatments for Depression

Dilantin simply smoothes the electrical flow, thus preventing seizures. Although seizure disorders are relatively rare, millions and millions of people have “static” in these electrical impulses that can lead to anxiety, depression, and a whole host of problems. That’s where low-dose Dilantin

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