Menopause Symptoms

Tips for Treating PMS Naturally

…be happy to help you come up with a safe protocol to eliminate PMS symptoms for good. Now it’s your turn: Do you have suggestions for treating PMS naturally? You May Also Be Interested In: * Natural Hormone Therapy and Menopause * Common Drug-Supplement Interactions

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5 Ways to Improve Libido—In Women and Men

…estrogen balanced with natural progesterone is an effective treatment for vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and other menopausal symptoms, the addition of natural testosterone will usually improve libido for women as well. Most hormones require a prescription. Although some bioidentical…

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Acupuncture Benefits: The List Goes On and On

…Though most commonly used to relieve pain, acupuncture is also used to alleviate migraines and tension headaches, lessen the severity of PMS and menopausal symptoms, reduce anxiety and stress, and stamp out sleep problems. In addition to the conditions listed above, acupuncture benefits many other health…

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