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Results of My Mini-Fast Weight Loss Challenge

When my latest book The Mini-Fast Diet launched a few months ago, I decided to challenge the employees at Healthy Directions—the company that I partner with to sell my nutritional supplements and publish my monthly newsletter—to participate in a weight-loss contest based on the program outlined…

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Lose Weight With a Mini-Fast Diet

…That’s why I’m going to tell you about the simplest, most logical and effective weight loss program I’ve ever come across. It’s called the mini-fast diet with exercise. This program produces results that many diet plans don’t deliver, because it selectively burns fat. Merely cutting calories here…

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Why Americans are Supersized

…to save for lunch or dinner the next day. * Consider sharing an entrée. * Skip dessert. You may also be interested in: * Lose weight with the mini-fast diet * Not all fat is bad

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