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Repel Mosquitoes, Naturally

…also want to stay indoors during the evening hours, when mosquitoes are out in droves. * Use a Natural Inspect Repellent: Look for one made from all-natural ingredients such as plant oils and extracts. You can also help to keep the mosquito population down by removing any free-standing water in your…

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5 Ways to Avoid the Health Hazards of Summer

…than usual mosquito season this year. That got me thinking about growing up in Georgia, where hot summer days meant no school, plenty of daylight, fresh peaches from roadside stands, and sleeping out on the back porch to stay cool. Plus, those giant mosquitoes of the south! But mosquitoes aren’t the…

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4 Tips for Healthier Summer Travel

…to keep plenty of oxygen in your bloodstream. * Avoid the Sting. Studies have shown that taking 100 mg of vitamin B1 (thiamine) a day helps keep mosquitoes at bay. This regimen may also help reduce itching caused by bites. While the research is not conclusive regarding thiamine’s efficacy in this regard…

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