Say Goodbye to Sciatica

…get an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI. But my advice is to just wait. There is a growing consensus that most imaging scans for low back pain are an unnecessary waste of resources with a serious potential to harm. CTs expose patients to hefty doses of radiation, and findings on MRI, the most popular scans…

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The Link Between Anticholinergic Drugs and Dementia

…memories just didn’t stick. It all came to a head when she fell outside her home. Confused and disoriented, she was taken to the hospital. An MRI ruled out a stroke but did show some age-related changes in the brain. They were told that Anne had early dementia and she was prescribed a patch…

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Exercise Your Way to a Sharper Mind

…gave the participants an MRI brain scan to measure structural changes which indicate cognitive decline. Their findings showed that those who reported the highest level of physical activity at 70 years of age had the fewest indicators of brain decline in their MRI scan. Meanwhile, mental stimulation…

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