Natural Diuretics

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The Power of Pumpkin

…least 14,000 years, and the seeds have a host of medicinal benefits. The indigenous peoples of North America and Mexico used pumpkin seeds as a diuretic and a treatment for intestinal parasites. A handful of scientific studies back the ability of pumpkin seeds to eliminate roundworms and tapeworms.…

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Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death

…status, should take supplemental magnesium. I recommend taking 500–1,000 mg per day. If you have an absorption problem, diabetes, or take diuretics or tetracycline antibiotics—all of which may reduce magnesium status—I suggest you increase your magnesium dose to 1,500 mg. (Be aware…

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Two Diabetes Risk Factors You May Not Know About

…are taking these medications, talk to your doctor about safe, natural alternatives to these side effect-riddled drugs. Just as there are medications for diabetes, there are nutritional supplements you may be able to take to more naturally treat type 2 diabetes. Risk #2—Smoking: Everyone knows…

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Knock Out a Top Cause of Diabetic Complications

…any other natural therapies to prevent or treat diabetic complications? You May Also Be Interested In The Most Common Diabetic Complications Because elevated blood glucose levels affect cells throughout the body, people with diabetes often develop additional complications. Read more 4 Natural Type 2…

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New Year’s Eve Survival Tips

…and treating heartburn. * Escape a hangover. I don’t advocate overindulgence in alcohol, but I do want you to know that there are some natural ways to minimize alcohol’s destructive effects. Alcohol is neutralized into carbon dioxide and water in the liver, your body’s primary…

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