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4 Natural Therapies to Boost Your Fight Against Migraines

…stress—which can help tame the severity and frequency of migraines. * Neurofeedback. A therapy focused on the brain, neurofeedback trains the functions of your central nervous system, which is where migraines occur. Neurofeedback therapy starts with a “mapping” of the electrical activity in your…

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Neurofeedback: A Natural Treatment for Anxiety and More

…anxiety naturally, sleep better without medications, or get a handle on other challenging neurological conditions, neurofeedback may be just the therapy for you. So what is neurofeedback exactly? It’s a type of biofeedback that helps normalize electrical activity in specific areas of the brain. People…

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Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia

…fibromyalgia. * Prescribe a course of clinical therapies. Patients with fibromyalgia respond well to several alternative therapies, including neurofeedback and microcurrent therapy. K.S., a nurse whose longstanding fibromyalgia limited the number of hours she was able to work, tried virtually every…

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