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Neurofeedback: A Natural Treatment for Anxiety and More

…anxiety naturally, sleep better without medications, or get a handle on other challenging neurological conditions, neurofeedback may be just the therapy for you. So what is neurofeedback exactly? It’s a type of biofeedback that helps normalize electrical activity in specific areas of the brain. People…

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ADHD Treatments That Really Work

…at the clinic. Neurofeedback: A Terrific Therapy for Treating ADHD There are also clinic-based therapies that work well when it comes to treating ADHD. Like Dilantin, neurofeedback helps settle the overactive brainwaves that are partially responsible for ADHD symptoms. Neurofeedback therapy begins with…

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Treatments for Depression

…deficiencies. Pain and other health challenges affect mood as well, and depression often disappears with appropriate treatment of chronic disease. Neurofeedback, which helps normalize the brain’s electrical activity, is also a tremendous help for patients suffering with depression. Do What Works for You…

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Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia

…fibromyalgia. * Prescribe a course of clinical therapies. Patients with fibromyalgia respond well to several alternative therapies, including neurofeedback and microcurrent therapy. K.S., a nurse whose longstanding fibromyalgia limited the number of hours she was able to work, tried virtually every…

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