New Help For Glaucoma

Natural Treatment for Glaucoma

…twice daily for the rest of the person’s life and are known to cause considerable local and systemic side effects. Fortunately, there is other help. Natural Treatment for Glaucoma * Vitamin C supplementation is safer and far more effective than traditional drug treatment for glaucoma. At 1,500 mg…

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4 Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment Options

…and discourage inflammation in eye tissues, and pine bark also helps increase blood flow throughout the body. Studies have also found that bilberry and Pycnogenol are effective natural diabetic retinopathy treatments (as well as glaucoma). In one study, people with diabetic retinopathy took 20–160…

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Are You Protecting Your Vision?

…glass of red wine a day may help preserve your vision. If you don’t want to drink alcohol, try red grape juice instead. Now it’s your turn: Are you doing any of these things to protect your vision? You may also be interested in: Research Alert: New Help for Glaucoma Diabetes and Retinopathy

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